Patchwork Blooms/Dolly Daydreams

"A Blossoming Romance" 20x40
"Cutie Pie" 12x24 SOLD!

"Pink Polka-Dots" 18x24

"U R Loved" 18x36
"Emma Gayle" 18x24 SOLD!
"Pink Bows and Bunnies" 12x36 SOLD!

"Pigtails and Purples" 18x36
"Blue Blanket Bingo" 10X20

"Dream" 12X24

"Love in Bloom" 12X24

"Playful Heart" 10X20
"The Best Make-Up" 10x20 SOLD!

"Smiles and Sunshine" 10x20

"Butterfly LOVE" 24x36
"Dance w/the Butterflies" 12x24 SOLD!

"Surround Yourself w/Love" 12x24
"Butterflies and Violets" 12X24 SOLD!
"My Pet Giraffe" 12X24
"All the Pretty Little Houses" 18X24 DONATED to Trinity Catholic High School Charity Auction
"This Much" 22X28 DONATED to Smokey Hill Public Television Auction

"Fresh Out of the Oven Love" 10X20

"Blowing Kisses" 24X36

"Little Boat Sails and Kitty Cat Tails" 20X24

"Flowery Fields" 11X14 SOLD!

"Long-Stem Love" 12X36

"Shabby Sweet Bouquet" 24X36 SOLD!
"So Sweet" 10X20
"XOXO" 10X20 SOLD!
"You Are Loved 2" 12X24 SOLD!
"Fun-Filled Blooms" 18X24
"Playful Bouquet" 20X30 SOLD!
"Wish Upon a Star" 12X20 SOLD!
Believe in Your Dreams" 8X14 SOLD!
"Sealed With a Kiss" 20X30
"Beautiful Dreamer" 10X20 SOLD!
"All She Needed Was Love" 12X30 SOLD!
"You Are Loved" 10X20 SOLD!


  1. beautiful, wonderful, whimsical work! xoxoxox

  2. Thank you so much!! sweet of you to say! xoxoxo back!

  3. Wow! I am in love with your art work! I love and collect dolls an d stumbled upon your art on pinterest. It is the best work I've seen in this style. I love the colors, the layers, and of course, those adorable doll figures! I need one, so I'll be back!!

  4. Just love your art, the girls are so cute and the backgrounds so full of interest. The colours are amazing, so keep up the good work. Would love you to come to Australia to do some classes!