Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Venue: Encore Antiques and Collectables

Yippee!! I have a new venue...Becca's Dollhouse has expanded!!!  While visiting a friend in Russell earlier this year I wanted to introduce her to the world of thrifting and junking.....I know it's pretty crazy that one wouldn't know what "junking" was???....anyhoo that was when we stumbled across a huge Morton building filled with an abundance of treasures.  Encore Antiques and Collectables in Russell, Kansas is a fabulous antique store/flea market that not only carries antiques out the wazoo but also showcases original Kansas artwork.   After showing the owners (two of the nicest ladies I have ever met---sweet as pickles) my website they were eager to display my artwork.  I have already sold several pieces and it's only been there a short dang exciting!! Squeal!!

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